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Invest in peace of mind – Protecting your lifestyle, family and wealth

General Insurance


Invest in peace of mind – Protecting your lifestyle, family and wealth

Most of us understand the importance of insuring our valuable possessions, however we often neglect to protect what matters most – our loved ones and quality of life.

One of the things we tend not to think about is how an unexpected death will affect the family. Overnight, the loss of the main salary earner raises so many questions – such as the ability to remain in the family home or the continuity of the children’s education.


Term Insurance | Whole Life | Critical Illness | Income Protection

Term Insurance

Term Insurance provides a lump sum payment for your loved ones, in the event of your death. It is taken out for a fixed period of time and is suitable for covering financial commitments, which have an end date, such as a mortgage or school fees. If you die within the policy term your family will receive a lump sum.

Whole Life

Whole of Life assurance provides a lump sum no matter when death occurs, unlike term insurance that only covers you for a fixed number of years.

With no fixed period or term Whole of Life assurance is therefore ideally designed to provide funds to pay for liabilities on death, such as inheritance tax, or to form part of a legacy you wish to leave. By setting up your policy within a suitable trust you can reduce your inheritance tax liabilities and avoid probate delays.

Whole of Life assurance policies also build up a useful cash value, which you can access in the future.

Critical Illness

“You are more likely to suffer a serious illness than you are to die prior to retirement”

A Critical Illness plan can help to take away financial worries by providing a lump sum on the diagnosis of a critical illness such as cancer, stroke or heart attack.

Due to the many illnesses covered in a Critical Illness policy it is essential that you understand the terms of the policy and are aware of any exclusions particularly in respect to pre-existing conditions.

Critical Illness plans can be arranged as a Term policy or as a Whole of Life policy.

Income Protection

An Income Protection policy provides a monthly income if you are temporarily unable to work for an extended period until you are able to work again.

Cover is normally set to a maximum of around 50 to 65 per cent of your pre-tax earnings. This to take into account the tax you would have had to pay and any state benefits you can claim while not working.

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